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Our team is big enough to cope whilst also being small enough to care. We will never out-source a project – all code is written in our office in Coventry in the UK. We use the latest Microsoft development technologies to ensure the longevity of your application. These enable us to work more quickly than in the past, which in turn means that our charges are proportionally reduced.

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At the end of each project we always give our customers the source code and a letter confirming that they own the intellectual property rights (IPR) to their application. Not all software development companies do this as they want to make sure that you can't go elsewhere for upgrades and modifications. We like to give our customers the opportunity to leave us - so that they'll stay.

  • Honesty

    We tell our clients exactly what they need to be told, NOT what we think they want to hear.

  • Integrity

    Hand in hand with honesty, we act fairly with clients - just how we would like to be treated.

  • Quality

    This comes built-in to everything that we do, not as an additional-cost extra. We strive for it constantly.

  • Value

    We deliver on time, within the agreed budget, and our clients ALWAYS save many times their spend.

  • Intelligence

    Our knowledge of software development is second-to-none, as is spotting information-flow problems in our client’s organisations.

  • Speed

    We use extremely rapid software development tools and techniques, and pass the time savings on to our clients.

  • Problem Solving

    Whatever the situation, we can gather the information required to understand the problem and then make the correct decision.

  • Comfort

    We are reliable, friendly and approachable. Our after-care and support packages provide continuing peace-of-mind.


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Our Team

Big enough to cope, small enough to care

Rik (Director)


Director - Project Manager - Software Engineer

When we started Acumen back in 2000, it was crucial that we only dealt in quality, value and honesty. We have stood by those three intrinsic pillars for the last 23 years, and have no intentions of deviating from them in the future.

Mike (Senior Software Developer)


Senior Software Developer

I joined Acumen back in 2006. Producing bespoke software keeps us on our toes, as most days bring fresh challenges. We always keep the client's needs at the forefront of our decision making and then produce the best software we possibly can.

James (Software Developer)


Software Developer

For some people the idea of being sat in front of a computer screen all day would their idea of hell - but I love it, developing software is all I've ever wanted to do. The diverse nature of the projects that we undertake always keeps things interesting.

Alex (Graphics/Developer)


Software Developer - Graphics

Clients usually have a pretty good idea of the kind of style they're looking for in a website, which always helps immensely; however, thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts is what really gets the juices flowing.

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