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Some useful information regarding bespoke software

Why should I do business with Acumen?
Acumen is a dedicated team of software development professionals who are experts in bespoke software development, based in Coventry in the UK. Our mission is to provide quality software, within budget and on time. We always aim to fully understand the needs and objectives of your organisation, because without this we cannot write the quality software that you require. Technically, our work is of the highest possible standard, utilising the most current Microsoft development tools. Acumen does not use subcontractors; your code will be written here, in our offices, by people that you have met, not in a “code factory” somewhere in the Far East. We never tie our clients in by withholding knowledge, skills or intellectual property. At the end of the project, we always deliver the full, documented source code and sign over the intellectual property rights to the client. We’re happy to provide ongoing support, further enhancements, or whatever else you might want from us. We know our services are attractive enough in their own right – we never need to force a relationship.
Will my business information be confidential?
We realise that some business information may be confidential and require the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). If you have your own NDA we’re more than happy to sign it, alternatively we have our own, which is available as a free pdf download on our Resources page.
What information will Acumen require?
Not sure how to formalise the information about your bespoke software solution into a structured document? Our free pdf all about "How to prepare a Bespoke Software Brief" can be downloaded from our Resources page.
I need the new software as soon as possible. What is a reasonable amount of time to have to wait?
The design, coding and testing of a small project will be measured in weeks, however, a large project would be measured in months. Further information about this is contained within our free pdf on "How to prepare a Bespoke Software Brief" which can be downloaded from our Resources page.
What about the source code?
One of the most important issues when it comes to all software is the source code. If a developer retains the source code, it will mean that you're tied to them for support, upgrades and future modifications; charges under these circumstances can be high. We would prefer that you use Acumen for support, upgrades and future modifications because you choose to, not because you have to.
What about the Intellectual Property Rights?
This goes hand-in-hand with the issue of source code. Without transferring the IPR to you, the developer (including bespoke developers) can legally claim commission if you sell your software under license to other users. Under International Software Copyright law the Source Code and Intellectual Property Rights remain with the vendor unless an explicit statement of transfer of ownership is made. Acumen always does this.
How much training will I need?
Bespoke software will be designed to work in the same way that your business works; anyone that understands your business processes should be able to follow the way the software works with little or no training. That said, Acumen always offers training to key personnel, but can also offer group based or one-on-one training for other personnel if required.
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