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So why are we listed on our own Portfolio? well, how credible would it be if
we didn't develop and use our own software, which in turn get used by our clients

Issue Management System

Client: Acumen Business Systems Ltd
Project Type: Database / Web Based Application
Skills: Design & Build, Support & Maintenance, Hosting
Technologies: ASP .NET, HTML, SQL Server, Visual Basic .NET
About Issue Management System
One of the most important applications that we have - our Issue Management System helps us to track project issues, record change requests and even (when they happen, which isn't as often as you might think) help us to find and fix bugs in software that we've written. The IMS manages the lifecycle of a software issue from when it is raised, through development and testing and on to release. Our original desktop based IMS was good but our new online version is even better. Our clients can almost see what we’re doing. The IMS Online provides us and our clients with instant reports on the progress and status of each project’s issues. New to the online version is the ‘Wish List’. It’s all too common for clients to find that once a project goes live, and they really start using their new system, that they come up with ideas for functionality that would make the software even better. These aren’t bugs, the software works as specified; instead they are new enhancements that could be incorporated into the next version. The problem has always been ‘where to keep all these good ideas in the meantime?’. The new Wish List solves that problem.
Customer Testimonial
We have found this particularly useful, as every issue and idea is recorded by both parties, it’s quick and simple to use and easy to keep track of progress.
Lorna Kesby, , Electro Motion U.K. (Export) Ltd

Website Hosting Control Panel

Client: Acumen Business Systems Ltd
Project Type: Website, Web Based Application
Skills: Design & Build, Support & Maintenance, Hosting
Technologies: ASP .NET, HTML, SQL Server
About Website Hosting Control Panel
We host our customers' websites on our own colocated servers. In order for our customers to be able to manage their own domains we have developed our own hosting control panel. The Acumen Hosting Control Panel interacts with over 10 other pieces of software on the servers to provide all the functionality required for our customers to effectively manage all aspects of their domains - including configuration of email, databases, FTP, DNS, and much more.

Multiple Image Resizer .NET

Client: Acumen Business Systems Ltd
Project Type: Desktop Application
Skills: Design & Build, Support & Maintenance, Hosting
Technologies: Visual Basic .NET, C#, C++
About Multiple Image Resizer .NET
Multiple Image Resizer .NET, or MIR .NET as it is also known, is our FREE image handling tool for digital camera users. With MIR .NET you can resize images, add borders and text, rotate and flip - with a few simple mouse clicks, and for dozens of images at-a-time. The MIR .NET interface has been translated into 22 diferent languages, allows users to customise it's layout using docking windows and themes. MIR .NET has a global user-base measured in tens (if not hundreds) of thousands - the truth is, we honestly don't know how many users there are, but we know the figure is simply staggering. We know that over 500,000 copies have been downloaded directly from our own site, but this figure doesn't include all the other outlets for MIR .NET e.g. other websites, magazine CDs etc. MIR .NET has been highly rated by some of the top shareware and freeware sites in the world, and regularly appears on the cover-CDs of digital camera and photography magazines from all over the world.
Customer Testimonial
MIR is currently embedded into one of our bespoke systems at City & Guilds Land Based Services. It is an excellent solution and has ensured that we are able to work effectively with our customers.
Liz Young, Licence to Practise Manager, City & Guilds Land Based Services

Contacts Database

Client: Acumen Business Systems Ltd
Project Type: Desktop / Database Application
Skills: Design & Build, Support & Maintenance
Technologies: SQL Server, Visual Basic .NET, WPF
About Contacts Database
Despite lots of effort on the part of other companies to sell us an off-the shelf, all singing, all dancing, incredibly expensive "customer relationship management tool", we're having none of it (we wouldn't use 90% of it anyway!) After all, all we need is to record the details of the people that are important to us, have the ability to add notes, search contacts and print off address labels when required. Our in-house Contacts Database provides all of this functionality for us in a compact simple to use desktop application that suits our needs perfectly - who knows, it may just be exactly what you need too!
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