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Kee Safety Logistics Ltd is the sister company and supplier to Kee Safety Limited, one of
the world's leading Safety Solutions Suppliers providing industry specific solutions such
as railings, barriers, perimeter protection, fall prevention and many other applications

Kee Safety Multiple Document Processor

Client: Kee Safety Logistics Limited
Project Type: Database / Desktop Application
Skills: Design & Build, Customer Support
Technologies: SQL Server, Visual Basic .NET, Crystal Reports
About Kee Safety Multiple Document Processor
Kee Safety Logistics have an existing ERP system that they have paid to have customised which fulfils virtually all their needs, however, a number of limitations which cannot be overcome by further customisation have been identified. Upgrading to the latest version, with the required functionality, was not financially viable since this meant purchasing licences for the new version of the standard ERP system AND paying the supplier to re-implement the customisation work that had already been incorporated into the old version. One such limitation was that the ERP system had no facility to email Remittance Advice Notes or, for that matter, any other documents. Acumen were requested to put forward a proposal for a standalone application that would effectively integrate with the ERP system, using the same SQL Server databases, to remedy this and any other shortcomings. One of Kee Safety’s specific requirements was that the reports, created using Crystal Reports 2008, should remain external to the application (i.e. not embedded) such that they would be able to make minor changes to the layout of the reports themselves without having to request an application modification from Acumen. The solution loads data produced by the ERP system into a simple user friendly application. The User can produce a PDF version of the Remittance Advice Note which is then attached to an email and sent to the recipient with a single button click. For audit purposes the system also keeps track of all documents that have been printed or emailed.
Customer Testimonial
Our legacy ERP system still does virtually everything that we need it to BUT adding relatively basic functionality such as the ability to create and email PDF statements and remittance advices to customers and suppliers would have meant having to replace the entire system! Acumen created an application that did just what we needed at a very reasonable price.
Mick Wynne, Kee Safety Logistics Ltd
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