Bespoke Database Design

'Once you've captured all of that data, you'll want to analyse it...'

A well designed bespoke database can save your employees time, save you money, and ensure that mission critical information is always on hand.

  • Industry Standard
  • Relational Database Management System
  • Business Intelligence
  • SQL Server
  • Efficient, Quick & Robust
A Well Designed Bespoke Database is Crucial
Having a well designed bespoke database that only has the tables needed, meaningful field names and is fully relational is crucial; it's the first step to an efficient, quick and robust database to hold all of the data that you capture.

Once you've captured all of that data, you'll want to analyse it and produce reports that help your company move forward. Acumen's developers have years of experience of producing just such databases, plus the skills needed to write database queries that produce the business intelligence you require in the format you require.

Acumen Business Systems Ltd always uses SQL Server for the databases it designs, as it's an industry standard relational database management system, efficient, quick and robust. There are various editions with ever increasing capabilities; starting with a free version which is capable of powering quite large applications with many users, right up to enterprise level for vast amounts of data and users.
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