Bespoke Software Development

'designed from scratch to meet your exact requirements...'

Acumen Business Systems Ltd are:

  • Experts in bespoke software applications, bespoke website development and mobile apps
  • Because bespoke software works the way you do, your users will require less training
  • The software will be owned by you - there will be no licenses to pay for
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be transferred to you
  • Acumen will give you the source code (not all developers will offer this)

Often, when people are searching for a software company that can produce bespoke software to exactly fit their business model, they may use the words ‘Bespoke Software’ and ‘Custom Software’ interchangeably. After all, if you’re having something custom built doesn’t that mean it’s exactly how you want it? Normally yes, but in software development terms – no.
What is Bespoke Software Development?
A bespoke software solution is one that is designed and developed from scratch to meet your exact requirements, it fits your company’s business model, it works the way you work.

With the exception of any budgetary constraints, there are no limits to what can be implemented during the development of your bespoke application. The system will work in the exact manner you require, which means you won’t have to compromise or change the way you do business.

With a bespoke software system developed by Acumen, you will own the intellectual property rights (IPR) and source code to the project – not all developers offer this. If your supplier withholds the IPR and source code, you will be locked into those same developers for any additions, modifications and support, rather than being free to choose who you want. Over the years there have been many horror stories of customers being charged excessive amounts for follow-up development work under these conditions.
What is Custom Software Development?
Custom software development is not the same as Bespoke software development. Custom software applications are based on pre-existing modules, with each custom module having been developed to fit a particular purpose e.g. Stock Control, Accounts, Document Management or Customer Relation Management (CRM); these modules are then bolted together to form the software package provided to each customer, which may or may not meet your exact requirements.

Because each module has to fit so many varied scenarios they are normally very expansive. This means that your employees waste time sifting through settings and screens that are of no interest to them and affecting their productivity. Ultimately this adds up to unhappy workers – nobody wants to carry out unnecessary tasks when they are trying to get through their workload.

It’s a little like buying a copy of Microsoft Word - to only use 10% of its functionality.

With a customised application you never get the source code or IPR and you will be permanently bound to the supplier. Additionally, because your version of the system is based on core modules, you can find that changes you would like implemented are refused because of the effect it may have on the core modules.
Bespoke Software Examples
Our portfolio page has many examples of bespoke or custom software. These examples are from all types of businesses and contain many types of functionality. To view the full list, go to our Portfolio page where you can click on any example and be taken to a full description of the individual project.
What Next?
Have you prepared a software brief? If not, head on over to our Resources page where you can find information on this important phase of your project, including a free pdf on "How to Prepare a Bespoke Software Brief" to download.

If you have already prepared a brief of your bespoke software requirements, then just give us a call on +44 (0)2476 228 759 to chat it through with us; alternatively, arrange to visit us in our office in Coventry. Either way, it's all very informal with obviously no obligation on your part. If your brief is sufficiently detailed, we will give you an estimate of the likely cost whenever possible.

Concerned about the confidentiality aspect of your project? Not a problem - we have signed many non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with clients. If you don't have your own NDA, you can download a pdf version for free from our Resources page.
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