Legacy Systems Integration

'prolong the life of expensive legacy systems that no longer meet your requirements...'

How can Acumen help?
Acumen can develop add-on applications to prolong the life of expensive legacy systems that no longer meet your requirements. We will

  • Listen to the issues that you have
  • Discuss possible solutions
  • Prepare a specification
  • Deliver a modern .NET solution
  • Save you, potentially, tens of thousands of pounds when compared to the alternative of replacing your legacy system
Case Study - Kee Safety Logistics
Most software developed today is browser based or aimed at the mobile market. Not that long ago virtually every application was a desktop system. Many people have forgotten about desktop development but there is still a place for it.

At Acumen we listen to your requirements before deciding what type of system we’re going to offer you. Whilst mobile applications / requirements stand alone the line between web based and desktop systems is far less defined.

The key thing to consider is that web development is more involved than desktop development - particularly when it comes to displaying the information on screen. This means that a web page that displays exactly the same information as a desktop form will have taken longer to create. More time obviously means more expense. For this reason we always evaluate a project to determine which solution will give the client the best possible results for the lowest possible cost.

There are pros and cons to both desktop and web development - neither clearly outweighs the other - it is the nature of the project that will guide us to the correct solution.
The original Acumen solution was delivered back in 2008, however, Kee Safety are still using the ERP system and our add-on application. In 2013 Kee Safety got in touch requesting additional functionality so they could send statements to customers. Another brief specification and several days of development followed, after which Kee Safety were supplied with another add-on application to fulfull their needs and extend the life of their legacy software once again.
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